by Coyote Indigo



Recorded at home
Between September 2012 & February 2013


released February 28, 2013

All vocals & instruments performed by Marcel Willow
Except Bloom and Blow some vocals by Água de Rio

All songs written, recorded, mixed and produced by M.W



all rights reserved


Coyote Indigo Brazil

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Track Name: Zephyrus
The spring is here
Let's take 'em to the hills
The west is where is clear
I'll dive into the lake
I'll rise a along with him

Silent sirens
Love is quite a mystery

Feel the wind
Track Name: Bloom and Blow
I tried to be polite
but it didn't work
I Tried too heavily help
you never realise

Now I wanna be your dog
I wanna break
every single neon light
unfold my eyes

Bloom and blow

Zephyrus' wind
don't wanna lose you

Two stars collide
Dont wanna lose you
Our skies turns from blue to red
This is the last beam of light
This is the last breath of life
The last sunrise
The last strawberry
The last drop of rain
Track Name: She'll Break Like a Wavve
Oh she'll break like a wave
She is brave

I'm the light inside your lighthouse
You are right
I’m a radar
I'm the light inside your lighthouse
Spinning in the dark blue

She forced a setup
And she burst
And then she broke his heart

She forced a setup
And she travelled in his flying harp

Oh she'll break like a wave
Track Name: A Dream About Blonde Mermaids
Do whatever it takes to get to that calm lake

Nothing you can do could stop me
Nothing you can say could take me off my place

Out of limit
Leaning, deceiving
Mingling and masking
Teaching us all a lesson

Out of control
Filthy horror show
Glowin' hollow people
Eletric bliss, eletric fields

Do whatever it takes to get to that calm lake
Due to an awareness of the limited time in each day
you must focus and design your whole way there

Mais uma vez afobado você não esperou
O chá quente, fervendo, sun, a bela boca queimou
Chumbo liquido, o mergulho, a hélice partiu
Mais uma vez o desespero por inteiro te tomou

Lay down on us blissfully moonlight
Lay down

Wake up
joyfully, sunrise
Open up
Slowly my sunflowers
Where the river of desire runs to the sea of joy
Track Name: Gentle Sun 9
There goes the sun
Here we go again, darlin'!

I'm as lost as my other (me)
Mirrors made water
mixed with blood and acid
From your drippin' honey lips
Flamin' strawberry kisses

I just wonder
Tell me what you're seeking?
Tell me what you see?
Tell me where you hide
I just received a new letter
signed and sealed with blood by the devil himself
and I wonder
How many more days
and nights until I finally find you
Pretty little girl

You gotta be in the shadows
Don't leave your hat on the bed

Where Gentle Sun?
Tell me where tha hell you hide?
Track Name: Kings Made of Steel Hearts Made of Stone
The radio transmission has begun
And nothing else matters anymore

Break all the working clocks
Set the palace on fire

Raise your voice
don’t feel this way
Raise your voice
don’t keep it inside
Follow me down through these fields of gold
Love is all you have to bring it on

Break all the working clocks
Set the palace on fire

Kings made of steel and hearts made of stone

Love is all you have to bring it on
Track Name: Alice Lost in the Darkness
It hurts inside
and I think you know why
It is too sweet to hold on
Too atractive to repel

I'm under her spell
She has the power to
Hypnotize you like water

The Hanged Man and
The Mysteries of underland

The cold breath of death
Several snakes severed and raw

I love you
I'm Alice lost

me to death
Blow up my head
Hang me by the hand

But don't
Leave your body
Break the loop
You gotta be somewhere else, remember?

When I need you
You're not there
I've lost you somewhere
Wish for the rain, the rain will come
Wish for the pain, the same is done
I can smell it
I'm having a nervous breakdown
Down Down Down
Down Down Down